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robin hulbert 
guitar tuition

Hello, please use this website to learn about the guitar lessons I offer. I’m easy to get in contact with, if you have any questions or would like to book a guitar lesson, you can call me directly on 01249 656151 or my mobile number: 07780 800 189

What I do

I provide guitar lessons for all levels of ability and for a wide variety of styles and musical subjects.

Electric Guitar

Blues, Rock, Metal…. From Classic Riffs to Modern High-speed solos. You name it, I’ll show you how to play it.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic folk, pop, or rock. I provide help with finger picking, rhythm, famous covers or original song writing.

Music Theory

Anything you need to know about music theory to help with composition and improvisation for academic or personal use.

Guitar Technique

Literally hundreds of useful hints and tips from the knowledge I have accumulated in this most important aspect of guitar playing.


Learn all the composing and arranging techniques to create your own music in any key and any style. Melodic, dissonant and everything in between.


If I can hear it, I can show you how to play it. I know how to transcribe music quickly by ear, this means I can teach any song you request.

Robin Hulbert BMus(Hons)MISM

Robin Hulbert BMus(Hons)MISM

Guitar Teacher

I have studied music theory and guitar technique, both to the highest professional levels. The result of which can be heard in my instrumental guitar albums as well as my 1hr classical composition; “The History of the Kings of Britain” . In 2008 I was listed in the “The Department of Virtuosity” official list of virtuoso musicians by site editor-in-chief of the “Heavy Metal Pages” magazine. I now enjoy teaching, and playing guitar for fun.

Professionally qualified. and with a wealth of experience

I have a 3 year Honours Degree in Music from The Guitar Institute London (original London guitar school in existence from 1985 to 2007), the highest level music qualification for guitarists, and held by less than 500 people world wide.

Years Experience

Years Formal Music Education

Years Teaching

different songs taught!

Why I aM so different

I am quite different to most guitar teachers because I have a highly unusual (perhaps eccentric!) combination of skills: I have studied Classical Theory as well as Jazz theory both to Virtuoso level, I have practiced and studied Rock guitar technique to the point where I can play cleanly and accurately over 20 notes per second, I’ve got a very natural timing for blues as well as rhythm playing, and when I was a teenager I used to play mainly Heavy Metal. This knowledge background means I never get lost for words when talking to my customers, and that you can trust the answers I give to any questions related to guitar and music. Getting the correct information is the only way to progress for beginners as well as advanced musicians.

(Pictured is my book “The Ultimate Guitar Picking Method”. My best-of guitar album “Robin Hulbert – Guitar Instrumental”. And my 1hr Classical composition “The History of The Kings of Britain”)


My Guitar Lessons Are Easy to Try

No need to book more than one lesson at a time. Relaxed environment, learn at your own pace, even if you’ve never held a guitar before, or if you have a particular style or unusual request or are unsure about whether or not my lessons would be suitable for you, then please call to enquire and I will let you know if I will be able to assist you.

Beginners welcome!

I teach complete beginners, as well as existing guitarists wishing to advance.

I help people to get good fast by learning with all the right advice, this way you can save hours of research and get off to a flying start.

Even if you know nothing about guitar playing at all, please get in touch, I look forward to helping you.

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Send a message, or call me directly on 01249 656151 or my mobile number: 07780 800 189