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My own musical interest

Guitar technique

I have always had a keen interest in advanced guitar techniques and fast guitar playing (known as shredding). This is a very difficult guitar style to master and I do teach it to certain customers who are interested in developing speed.  


I started playing guitar at age ten, I took GCSE music before taking a 2 year National Diploma in music and then went on to study full time in London for 3 years to obtain an Honours Degree in music from The Guitar Institute London.


I have studied classical theory and composition and also have advanced training in music recording and sound engineering.


I currently teach guitar full time Monday to Friday from my home/teaching studio in Chippenham Wiltshire. For anyone interested in having guitar lessons you are welcome to have lessons as often or as infrequently as you like. You can book a lesson as near to the time or as far in the future as you like.


I am also happy to talk to customers on the phone if they need any help outside of their lessons.




Robin Hulbert BMus(Hons)

I am currently teaching customers from:





and surrounding villages in Wiltshire.

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TEL 01249 656151


Robin Hulbert Guitar TuitionRobin Hulbert Guitar Tuition

About me

I have some excellent methods for helping my customers to get more out of their practice time. I help my customers to plan their guitar practice more strategically to enable them to make an enormous amount of progress in a surprisingly short time frame.

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Time Efficient Practice Methods

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01249 656151

Methods to improve timing

Timing can me a major issue, even for advanced guitarists. Contrary to popular belief, a good sense of rhythm is something that a person can learn. I have many effective methods for helping musicians to improve their timing, whether it be strict classical timing, bossa nova timing or blues phrasing. I have an advanced system which can enable musicians to learn any rhythm and any time signature.

Improve timing

Write and Record

I offer professional instruction in the suject of music technology. Recording, mixing, and getting used to all aspects of audio editing whether it be with advanced recording software or getting the right sound from your guitar, amp, and effects. I have 12 years of real life experience in this subject.

guitar tuition wiltshireTake your playing up a notch

Take your playing up a notch


Guitar maintenance

Guitar maintenance

I am a qualified guitar teacher for all levels of guitarists. As well as teaching beginners, I also have customers who are already at very high levels of ability. I work to help them perfect the fine details of their musicianship, and believe that you can always better you best.

 Guaranteed results:

"Tell me what you want from your guitar playing, and I'll show you how to get it"

I offer an inexhaustible array of proven methods which will work for every person, every time. 


Instrumental guitar music

I write and perform instrumental rock guitar music and have written and recorded two albums; a rock guitar instrumental album, and a classical.

Write and Record

I show my customers how to look after and maintain their guitars. I give advice and help them to solve problems with their guitars such as unwanted rattling noises. I have all the tools needed to fix minor guitar faults during the lesson.

Call: 01249 656151

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Expert advice

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Full time, highly qualified


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I spend a certain amount of time writing original classical instrumentals, I had been working very hard for the past 3 years composing a new hour long classical which is now available on CD. I also help my customers with their own compositions.

Robin Hulbert BMus(Hons)MISM is the only guitar teacher in Wiltshire to have a 3 years Honours degree specialising in the instrument he teaches. His Degree is from one of the top London music schools The Guitar Institute.

He is also a member of the very exclusive Incorporated Society of Musicians, in addition to being formally recognised as a virtuoso musician in 2008 by HMP music magazine.


Learn any song you like

I can teach any song you like. Just bring the song with you to the lesson on CD, and I will show you exactly how to play it. I transcribe music very quickly by ear, all of my transcriptions are note for note perfect. Even if the recording you bring is played on another instrument such as piano, I will give you a guitar version of the piece.



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