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There are many styles and techniques I teach on electric guitar.

Blues is a style I have studied in depth, I teach people how to gain the skills to perform the many techniques needed for this style. I go into great detail when instructing the best way to perform each technique so that it sounds professional. I also explain exactly how experienced guitarists use scale and rhythm knowledge to allow them improvise over the entire fretboard fluently.

When teaching rock and blues I write exercises and use examples from well known rock songs. I can also show the customer the logical process behind the music and give them the knowledge to enable them go on to write riffs and solos at the same level as the musicians they listen to.

If you are interested in Metal or Shredding I have a wide range of practice methods, techniques, and Metal backing tracks to help you develop your speed.

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Spotlight on guitar technique


Economy picking is a very useful guitar technique that I teach. It involves a combination of sweep picking and alternate picking and is ideal for playing scale patterns, riffs, and arpeggios 

Guitar maintenance

I can help my customers to improve their guitars performance and playablity by teaching them how to perform certain technical adjustments to their guitar such as:

How to adjust the action (height of the strings from the fretboard)

How to improve intonation to get every note on your guitar to play perfectly in tune.

How to adjust the tremolo system.

The best way to change the strings.

How to get rid of unwanted rattling noises.

How to look after your guitar so that it works better for longer.


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