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I teach various different styles of acoustic guitar. Some customers prefer to start learning on an acoustic because of the simplicity and cost effectiveness of not needing an amplifier and the other electronic equipment you would use with an electric guitar. Other customers learn acoustic guitar because it is more suited to the sounds and musical styles they are interested in.

 Steel string acoustics are good for most styles and especially good for rhythm guitar (I have a very good teaching method for rhythm style which most of my customers have found very effective). Steel string guitars can also be great for blues, country, and bluegrass.Nylon string classical guitars sound good when played using finger-picking to play chord sequences and classical music.

Resonator guitars suit blues and slide guitar playing which is another skill I can help people to develop.

Using altered tunings and capos are things which I also instruct acoustic players on.

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I help my customers to learn their favourite songs and improve their acoustic guitar playing, so that they get more enjoyment from the instrument