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I teach complete beginners, as well as existing guitarists wishing to advance in areas such as theory, technique, song writing, sight reading, composing, altered tuning, as well as speed and technical dexterity. With close attention to physical technique to promote economy of movement in order to make guitar playing physically much easier.

I show my customers how to make use of any or all of the guitar techniques I use, such as; rhythm style, finger picking, sweep picking, economy picking, legato, and tapping. And show how these techniques may be applied to different musical styles.  



I have an Honours Degree in Music from The Guitar Institute London (original London guitar school in existence from 1985 to 2007), the highest level music qualification for guitarists in Europe held by less than 500 people world wide .

I teach any style, and I can show you how to play music you like.


I teach all levels of music theory from beginners to guitarists who need extra help with music courses such as GCSE's, A levels, and Degrees. And for guitarists who want to develop their own personal knowledge of music theory.

The customers personal interest

The customers own personal musical interest and ambition is of most importance to the way I plan their lessons. All theory and technique is taught in such a way that it will be in context with the customers own style for their instant practical use.

I teach guitar from my own home where I have created a welcoming and well presented environment for the customer.


I use chord sheets, guitar tablature (TAB), manuscript paper, and matrix  I also offer transcriptions for absolutely any piece of music you like.

All chords and music taught will be neatly hand written and easy to read for the customer to take away and continue to learn from.





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Spare Guitar

If you don't have a guitar of your own

I have a spare guitar for you to use during your first lesson.

Acoustic & Electric

Make sure you have a look at some of the other pages on this website. There are separate pages for both acoustic and electric guitar tuition

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To book a lesson or make any enquiry call Robin Hulbert.

TEL 01249 656151




01249 656151


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Find out more,

call 01249 656151

"The Department of Virtuosity" Robin Hulbert is listed in the HMP Magazine list of virtuoso musiciansguitar tuition wiltshire

"I help people to play guitar at a very high level in a very short time frame "

get good fast

Get Good, Fast!

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Teaching guitar in Chippenham since 2007

"I am currently providing professional guitar tuition for customers from Chippenham, Corsham, Calne  and local villages in Wiltshire".


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Highly qualified expert teacher

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Robin Hulbert BMus(Hons)MISM

Fully qualified guitar teacher

I am a highly knowledgeable guitarist as well as being an expert at music theory, both of which I can teach to a very high level. This is a skill level I had to earn through many years of practice and study. This means that you can trust the answers I give to any questions related to guitar and music. Getting the correct information is the only way to progress for beginners as well as advanced musicians.

I have a membership with The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). The ISM is a professional organisation who will only grant membership to a musician with a 3 year Honours Degree.

Professional tuition for all levels

"Times available for regular lessons once every two weeks.

Beginners welcome"

My guitar lessons are suitable for any level of ability,

perfect if you've been playing for a while and need some new ideas,

or if you are just starting out with your first guitar.


Celebrating 10 years teaching guitar in Chippenham!! Thank you so very much to all my past a present customers.

Hi, I do realise that this website looks like it is from the 90's!, but it is still very much active!



guitar tuition wiltshire

tel:  01249 656151


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Lessons are £25 an hour, and have been for the last 6 years,

From April 5th 2018 lessons will be £30 an hour. but will stay permanently fixed at £25 for anyone who starts before then.

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